A great ‘getting started in SEO’ book…

The Art of SEO I seem to be in a ‘blog about books’ mode.  Which usually means I’ll carry something around in my work bag for a couple weeks until I get a free hour or two to dig in.   But I saw this today – and can guarantee I’ll be devouring The Art of SEO (Theory in Practice).  (If not only for the great content, the weight of this book would leave my shoulder shredded to bits.)

From some of the excerpts I’ve had a chance t read, this looks to be not only a ‘technical’ SEO book, but also a real ‘how-to’ around the business that goes into successfully driving natural search traffic (and conversions.)

Lastly, I know several of the authors from this book – and respect their work incredibly.

OK, enough already, here’s the link to the The Art of SEO
on Amazon.